The Audition Intensive is a 5 hour bootcamp, acting class designed to prepare actors for the casting process. Whether you’re new to auditioning or just need to brush up on your skills, this intensive will help boost confidence in the casting room as well as in yourself.  Check out my interview about this workshop with Molly Reihl from Good Day Oregon!  www.brooketotman/videos

Most directors and casting directors will tell you that they actually HATE the auditioning process. They hate putting actors under such pressure, they hate trying to judge if a person is right for a role in such a short amount of time, and they are well aware that some of the world’s most talented actors just don’t audition well.

But they’ll also tell you that it’s the best way we have. They have to see if you have the talent, if you look and sound the part, if you can take direction, if you’ll mesh with the rest of the company/cast. And so we audition. As an actor, I’ve had my fair share of auditions over the years. At first, I beat myself up. Then, I upped my preparation. Finally, I let it go. In my opinion, that’s the sweet spot. When you’ve done your work and can audition with confidence, then you know that everything that happens after that, is completely out of your control.

The Audition Intensive is all about technique and preparation. This Audition bootcamp will work on slating, making strong choices in the room, cold reading, call-backs and letting go!

*Each actor will be filmed, reviewed and given copies of all videos created in class. Both comedic and dramatic material will be explored.

The last hour of this workshop will be a Q&A with Casting Director Lori Lewis of Free Spirit Casting and Award winning Independent Filmmaker, Alicia J. Rose.

Date: TBA
Time: 11-4:00 p.m.
Cost: $100
Limited to 12 participants.

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About The Author

After receiving a degree in Theater Performance from the University of Oregon, Brooke moved to Los Angeles where she was accepted into the training program of acclaimed sketch and improv company, the Groundlings. Eventually, Totman became a member of the Groundlings Sunday Company – writing and performing sketch comedy for a live audience on a weekly basis. During it’s 5th season, Brooke joined the television show MadTV, as a featured cast member.

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