& Storytelling for Business


& Storytelling for Business

Corporate improv workshop

“Stories Stay with You”

What can we do?

Brooke and her team provide 3-hour Improvisational and Storytelling workshops for corporations and organizations to enhance leadership, performance, productivity, and team-building.

Participants learn to:

  • Strengthen public speaking skills

  • Sharpen communication skills

  • Build confidence

  • Generate new ideas in a risk-free environment

Does your company have a specific issue that could use Improv or Storytelling skills?
Let us know and we’ll customize a private class to fit your needs.

Why a private class?
Because private classes are fun! Our corporate program is designed for team building – your team. Our improv and storytelling exercises help restore a playful atmosphere by building employee cohesiveness through games and laughter. This experience will be unforgettable and your team members will bond through respectful communication and positive cooperation. Great for company retreats!
*Group classes can be held on-site or at the Shoebox Theater.

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