Wow, I put Thursday night’s class out into the universe this December and holy-cow,  it filled up within weeks. So… I started a Saturday morning class – that acting class has 10 people.  Clearly, the universe is telling me an ongoing class that helps actors stay sharp and build community, is resonating here in Portland.

As someone that’s never held a conventional 9-5’er, the ongoing classes I used to take in Los Angeles were always during the weekday – I thought Portland actors might appreciate an acting class that honors this type of schedule as well. With that being said, I’m now offering Advanced/Intermediate Acting on Fridays from 10-1:00.

If you didn’t read my last blog, here’s a recap of what this new acting class is about:

This is an ongoing acting class – limited to 12 actors.

Everyone works.  Every. Single. Class.

The focus of Intermediate/Advanced Acting is to develop a truthful acting process through the use of scene study, active listening, text interpretation, emotional exercises and working with a partner. Let’s work with comedic scripts!  Let’s challenge ourselves with audition prep and character work!

This class is designed for actors looking to build community and commitment to craft through a deeper understanding of technique, self and working with others. Intermediate/Advanced Acting is also an opportunity for actors to expand their audition portfolio and work with professional guest directors.

Students in this class will be offered the opportunity to participate in industry showcases for Portland casting directors and agents.

Prerequisite:  Intro to Acting or previous acting training.  Price: $175 a month.

If you have any questions about acting classes, the studio or acting in general, feel free to reach out at:

Every Artist Needs A Tribe.


About The Author

After receiving a degree in Theater Performance from the University of Oregon, Brooke moved to Los Angeles where she was accepted into the training program of acclaimed sketch and improv company, the Groundlings. Eventually, Totman became a member of the Groundlings Sunday Company – writing and performing sketch comedy for a live audience on a weekly basis. During it’s 5th season, Brooke joined the television show MadTV, as a featured cast member.

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