At her debaucherous 40th birthday party, serial relationship-killer Jackie meets handsome and charming thirty-something River – the perfect guy, who happens to be gay. Their ensuing adventures in self-medication, late-blooming, and questionable judgment lead them to discover a raucous new kind of significant otherness.


Brooke Totman, Kurt Conroyd

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In Season 2’s politically charged first 3 episodes, besties Jackie and River explore sexual agency in the era of “outrage fatigue”. Actress Brooke Totman (Jackie) delivers a raw no holds-barred performance and co-star Kurt Conroyd posits enough charming comic relief as her Gusband River to keep the laughs coming in this fresh Portland, OR indie series.


Brooke Totman, Kurt Conroyd, Andrew Harris

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This hour-long, movement-based sketch show takes a deep dive into the lives of: Swingers, Disgruntled Chili’s Employees, Mermen, Royal Family Insiders, Hybrid Animals and more. Laced together with a super-fresh soundtrack, Night Bus incorporates sharp writing and bold physicality for an unconventional twist on traditional sketch comedy.

Night Bus is: Alan Burrell, Brooke Totman, Darius Pierce, Genevieve Sage, Michael Zimmer and Ted Rooney.

Directed by Brooke Totman.