Let me just say Brooke’s acting classes are the first time I felt comfortable and willing to try and have fun whilst learning in a class. There is no pressure and Brooke has an amazing talent to find each and everyone’s unique, natural abilities and make them work for them.  I love Brooke’s classes and if you are willing to do the work you will see amazing results, and benefit from her teaching.
“Brooke’s  coaching works very, very well. She is an absolute master of comedy and teaches in a way that is easily understandable and approachable. Anyone interested in film, stage, sketch or improv  would absolutely love her acting classes. She has literally helped me book leading roles in films I otherwise would not have gotten on my own.”
I love working with Brooke – she is an amazing teacher! She creates a super supportive environment, and she is a ton of fun. I’ve learned a ton from her, and I recommend her acting classes to any actor (new or experienced), looking for a place to learn, grow, and make great acting class friends. 


“No matter what your background or experience level, you can find a warm and welcoming space to explore and study acting. Brooke is a generous and truthful teacher. We all have things to unlearn, and Brooke diplomatically steers you away from your weaknesses and toward your strengths.”


“If you want to grow as an actor, a comedian, a character performer or hell, even as a fun person at the party, take an acting class from Brooke Totman – it’s worth every penny and more.  Invest in yourself!  Brooke is, above all things, a game-changer in the teaching world of the Pacific Northwest.”

Brooke is a wonderful actor/comedian and teacher.  With her years of industry experience, knowledge, insight and the careful way she tailors her acting class to the individual needs of her students, I can confidently say that if you’re willing to put in the work, she can help you advance toward your goals. Lastly, Brooke’s sense of humor kept us laughing through out the course. I highly recommend it.